Company Overviw


Automated Facilities

To assure manufacturing quality and high throughput production, Wieson has vastly invested in assembly automation equipment, injection molding machines, stamping machines and testing instruments to offer exceptional quality and on-time delivery.

 Precise Machining Technology

Wieson Technologies has been focused on its core technology since it was established. To integrate the demands and resources of all Wieson's business units, we are going to set up the precise engineering R&D center. From product's R&D and design, mold development, component stamping, injection molding to assembly and testing, Wieson implements an integrated production process and integrated services.

 In-house Mold Design

.Injection Mold
.Stamping Die
.Modular Fixtures
.Precision Parts Processing

 In-house Manufacture

.Injection Plastic Parts
.Stamping Metal Parts